Market Report (Feb 12, 2010)

The rebuilt General Stoar - Photo by Patrice Cournoyer
The rebuilt General Stoar - Photo by Patrice Cournoyer

A new moon shone over the desert as the Market Reporter made her way around the desert and swamp, noting changes and prices.

Wankerstein Clapsaddle’s General Stoar is back in business after the terrible fire not long ago.  Welcome back, Mr. Clapsaddle.  He has a variety of useful items out on the shelves, and a large paper on the desk with marks indicating prices.  He will both buy and sell items, and I think that is true for most of our merchants in these times.

Another store added to my list is Psycho Baroque’s AFK-47, stocked with salvage and weaponry.  Across from this shop is his Delicatessen, specializing in a tasty selection of Wastelands foodstuff for the hungry scavenger.

Missing from the trading roster of my last report is Nab’s shop, which seems to have been consumed by the fiery pit of Fort Stygian.  Tread carefully if you go by the old guide from my last message, to avoid falling into the pit to suffer some fatal burning.

One overall note on the trading is that prices seem set by individual circumstance of the traders more so than ever.  Sometimes, goods are offered at more than one price…so check carefully and ask the trader if you have any questions.

A final note before the chart of prices… a new feature for the Market Report where I’ll pose a question and I hope to hear back from readers with answers.  I will reward the best answer with a salvage item from my own locker.  This week’s question is inspired by a scavenger.  Let’s call her “DM”.

DM’s Question: “Is Ghoul flesh edible, and is it worth something in trading?”.  An answer from the Humans, Manimals, and Mutants, please.

Market prices as of 2/11/10
AFK-47 Destini’s Store WL Trade Post Sledgepile Traperos General Stoar
Nuts and Bolts
roll of tape
Iron Scrap
Pistol Barrel 70 50
CO2 Canister
Lumber 46
Bullets 150
Slugthrower 600