The Weekly Pulp (2-14-10)

Botan in the bog...
Botan in the bog...

UPCOMING EVENTS: Do you like Dungeons & Dragons, but lack people in your area to play with?  Have you always wanted to give it a shot, but never known how to begin?  Here’s your chance! NeoBokrug Elytis is beginning a Pathfinder pen-and-paper roleplaying group, and the second informational session will take place from 10am SLT to 2pm SLT this Saturday at the Hambone Slash arena.  This session will focus on the details of character creation. There’s still room for another standby character, and spectators are more than welcome.  Confirmed players are expected to have their copies of the Core Rulebook or PDF on hand, and can feel free to start crafting their characters in advance if they want to get a leg up!

The violent and vicious spectacle that is Fight Night will be held at the Arena at 3pm, followed by a Wastelands Public Works meeting in Fort Stygian, which is slated to begin at approximately 4pm SLT.

Following the WLPW meeting (and any other as-yet-unannounced activities,) Aposiopesis Fullstop will be DJing another set of miscellaneous music at a venue yet to be announced.

Another relaxing yet addictive session of Oku Ghost’s Swamp Rats Fishing Tournaments is scheduled for next Sunday at 12pm SLT, held as always at The Pipe Bomb. It will again be a Bounty Hunt contest, awarding an additional prize to anyone who manages to snare a specific targeted fish.  Contest prizes are L$1000 for first, L$600 for second,  and L$400 for third, and bait buckets await the fourth and fifth place finishers.

EVENTS HIGHLIGHTS: After many surprisingly long and arduous fights, Moondoggie Iger took first place in this week’s Fight Night, with Enenra Ghost taking second place and Aposiopesis Fullstop in third.  As ever, check the full report for the details of each gripping fight.

Movie Night was held once more at the Burnt Oak Drive-In on Saturday evening.   This week’s film was “Three O’Clock High,” a 1987 comedy about Jerry Mitchell, a high school journalism student who accidentally aggravates a hulking, psychopathic new student, is condemned to fighting him in the parking lot at 3:00, and will try absolutely anything to avoid his fate.

Shortly after the movie, DJ Aposiopesis Fullstop set up at The Pipe Bomb to play a skewed set of songs about love and sex in “honor” of Valentine’s Day.

The next day, and not far away, the Pipe Bomb was the site of another Swamp Rats Fishing competition.  This week, Enenra Ghost was the first-place winner, followed by Aviendha Vayanda and Riptorious Ulrik. Each received a snazzy trophy in addition to their monetary winnings!

PROJECTS: Thanks to the work of the Wastelands Public Works group, Wastelands land-owners can head to the Heapkeeper’s Shack in the Junkyard to pick up a variety of building textures and corrugated sheet metal sculpts for their creations.  Additionally, there are  high-quality Ghoul, Tribal Mutant, and Botan avatars available for all comers on the opposite counter.  New textures and features are still in the works!

ESTATE NEWS: There are still plots of land in Hambone Slash available to rent!  With unique prim bonuses and land sizes, and a few cheaper pricing options, this land is unlike any in the rest of the estate. Get a first-rate view of the Arena, and watch your friends and neighbors detonate themselves on landmines from the comfort of your own home!   More information can be found in this Forum thread, or you can IM or email NeoBokrug Elytis with any questions or comments.

New Wastelands game content is on the way!  NeoBokrug Elytis has been working assiduously this past week on revising the salvage spawn system to facilitate upcoming game ideas, and the new recipes and items are nearing completion as well.   Furthermore, scavengers  will soon be able to find Land Tokens, which can be used to pay your current tier, used as a sort of down payment on a new parcel of land, or sold to someone else to use on their own land.  Each token will be redeemable “for a 512, valued around L$6625,” but there will only be one in the spawn per month!

RP NAME-DROPS: A fierce group of Botans raided The Wastelands on this particular day, attacking everyone in sight, sometimes ripping out the hearts of the fallen, and throwing those hearts back onto their cooling corpses!  Only a couple lucky Wastelanders managed to return the favor to some of the hungry creatures before the day was over.  Regardless, there may be more of them somewhere beyond our borders…