The Weekly Pulp (3-14-10)

Healing Masheen in Fort Stygian
Healing Masheen in Fort Stygian

After a brief hiatus, here are this week’s news and reviews of all things Wastelands:

UPCOMING EVENTS: Break out the Cheetos and Mountain Dew — the first proper adventure of NeoBokrug Elytis’ Pathfinder pen-and-paper roleplaying group begins this Saturday!  Gather around the playfield by the Hambone Slash Arena and watch the wayward cast of characters come together to start their epic quest.  Sessions run from 10am SLT to 2pm SLT.

If you enjoy more direct and visceral combat, the Arena can provide.  There’s plenty of viscera smeared on the walls and floor, after all.  Watch more of your friends and neighbors get slashed, smashed, sawed and skewered in this week’s Fight Night, held as always at 3pm.

EVENTS HIGHLIGHTS: The Arena took more than its share of blood in this week’s Fight Night competition, as fighters often struggled to avoid the many nasty traps. Despite it all, the wily mutant Ccindy Pfeffer took first prize in this week’s Fight Night competition, earning her L$1000.  Sandusky Kayvon came in second, taking home a L$500 reward, and Dassina Andel took third place and L$250.

This week at the Burnt Oak Drive-In, Giuseppe Spicoli featured “Press Start,” a 2007 independent comedy and parody of video games. The story followed Zach Nimbus, a young hero unaware of his destiny, who allies himself with a belligerent ninja and a spunky space soldier to vanquish the evil sorcerer Count Vile.

Afterward, Aposiopesis Fullstop blared more music from atop the billboard at Syruss Constantine’s Sledgepile.

PROJECTS: People are still brainstorming  Wastelands-themed glyphs and symbols on the Forums.  Go there to submit your own ideas, or to comment on the current suggestions.

The Wastelands Public Works department continues their work on new textures, items, and features.  Landowners, be sure to check the Heapkeeper’s Shack in the Junkyard for high-quality freebies for your builds!  Furthermore, the Mutant sacrificial area at the rim of the Fort Stygian crater is very nearly complete, and more features are still to come.

ESTATE NEWS: The new Healing Machines have been completed, and are now in a trial phase.  Looking intriguingly like the old Salvage Machines, they now require an item of scrap to operate, and will run for 10 seconds per point of Barter Value in the scrap.  More details can be found in this Forum thread. ((The Healing Machines can be found in Hambone Slash, the Great Fissure, and Fort Stygian. – S.K.))

RP NAME-DROPS: There are reports of a schism in the Paw Tribe, leading to the formation of the Ashfall clan.

The strange Botan has been seen again in Malady Bog. Given their silence, it may be difficult to determine just what it wants…

Furthermore, there are rumors that an old familiar face has come back to The Wastelands after a long absence.