Fight Night Report – May 15 2010

Fight Night May 15

Finalists TheBlackCloud Oh (2), CCindy Pfeffer (3), VoidTraveller Seetan (1)

Fighters were pitted against each other via the classic tournament system this week and matches were as follows:

Round One:

Combatants Weapons Map Winner
KittyKat Borkotron Flayer
Dassina Kidney Burster, Nailgun
Sumo Dassina Andel

Remarks: None.

CCindy Pfeffer Crowbill
TheBlackCloud Oh Crowbill
Hurt and Healing CCindy Pfeffer

Remarks: CCindy hit a spike and saw trap early in the fight, jumping and evading TheBlackCloud’s swipes. The fight was driven in to a corner, where CCindy received additional poison and spike damage.Astoundingly, CCindy was able to hold on for a significant time afterward, outlasting TheBlackCloud by split-seconds, as she was taken down by accumulated crowbill damage over the length of the fight.

Rieela Fyanucci Rattlesnake
Aposiopesis Fullstop Flayer
Eye of the Storm Aposiopesis

Remarks: Rieela’s abnormal height did not turn out to be a significant advantage; as a relative newcomer to the Fight Night event, she quickly learned that ignoring traps littered throughout the map is dangerous.  While she was able to get a couple of swipes in at her opponent, she fell rather quickly as the result of accumulated damage from mines, saws and gas traps.

Zeroyel Katsu Clobbering Stick
VoidTraveller Seetanl Flayer
TheGap VoidTraveller Seetan

Remarks: A fast-paced match which saw minimal trap damage, save for a mine set off by Zeroyel.  The match was mostly uneventful afterward as the fighters clashed tightly, away from traps. Zeroyel eventually fell at the blade of VoidTraveller’s flayer.

Redemption Round:

TheBlackCloud Oh Crowbill
Rieela Fyanucci
The Gap TheBlackCloud Oh

Remarks: A short match; Rieela received some spike damage early on, along with considerable damage from TheBlackCloud’s crowbill. As the two combattants fought it out in a pit, Rieela fell from accumulated poison and weapons damage.

Zeroyel Katsu Clobbering Stick
KittyCat Borkotron Flayer
The Gap
KittyKat Borktron

Remarks: Zeroyel hit a mine early in the match. Sticking closely to his opponent afterward, he received a considerable damage in an attempt to win with a clobbering stick over a flayer. He was unsuccessful in his attempt, allowing KittyKat to take on TheBlackCloud to determine the third finalist.

TheBlackCloud Oh Crowbill
KittyKat Borkotron Flayer
The Gap TheBlackCloud Oh

Remarks: The fighters converged quickly on the center of the map. Kittykat backed in to a set of spikes while TheBlackCloud dealt her a flurry of swipes from a crowbill. She fell shortly afterward.

Round Two:

Dassina Andel Nailgun
CCindy Pfeffer Crowbill, Rifle, Crowbill
The Gap 2
CCindy Pfeffer

Remarks: Fast-paced but long fight. For the most part, the fighters were able to avoid traps by fighting along the perimeter of the arena floor. About a third of the fight in, CCindy ran in to a mine, while Dassina gained some healing gas across the arena. Following her opponent around, CCindy accidentally ran in to a gas trap, receiving poison, but also receiving healing gas afterward when she tried the Hooper Gambit again.  CCindy proved both lucky and vicious as Dassina pulled a nailgun closer to the end of the match. Finding her efforts to nail down CCindy unsuccessful, she slipped back to flayer,  while CCindy used a rifle briefly, but also switched back to crowbill nearing the end. Running in to one last gas trap at the end, Dassina fell while being accosted by her opponent.

Aposiopesis Fullstop Flayer
VoidTraveller Seetan Flayer
Spiderweb VoidTraveller Seetan

Remarks: Multiple poison and spike damage along with swift slashes from VoidTraveller’s flayer took Aposiopesis down very quickly.

Final Round:

TheBlackCloud Oh Crowbill
CCindy Pfeffer Crowbill
VoidTraveller Seetan Nailgun, Ripper Pistol

Remarks: Voidtraveller hit a couple of mines early on while being chased by TheBlackCloud. The competitors attacked each other equally for a while until Voidtraveller took CCindy down with a nailgun about 3/4 in to the match. TheBlackCloud attempted to shorten the distance and deal some close up damage, but VoidTraveller was able to avoid her for the most part, taking out a ripper pistol near the end and mowing her down.

As a special prize, first place winners from every Fight Night will be given special badges highlighting their achievement. VoidTraveller was the first to win one, and shows it off proudly below.

Fight Night May 15

(( Fight Night was held for the first time in three weeks due to the closing of Suffugium on the weekend of May 1/2 as well as low attendance on May 8.  Fight Night runs every Saturday of the month at The Potato Farm, Hambone Slash, in The Wastelands, 3PM PDT. The above photo and other Wasteland event photos are available here – A.S.))