Market Report (July 11, 2010)

The Dodger Town development in Hambone Slash
The Dodger Town development in Hambone Slash

Maybe its the heat, or the presence of a water pipe, but the once desolate area of Hambone Slash, which used to be populated for arena matches and warfare, is thriving, with many new denizens.
A big new faction has moved in, setting up camp around the Hambone Hill and calling themselves the Dodgers.  They seem to be a mix of races but mostly manimal from what I’ve seen. They appear to thrive on salvage and trading, and love to build. One set of structures at the West end of Hambone is a trading area, Dodger Market, which is open for anyone to set up a shop.  Barrel Dok ((Avatar name: Niles Cournoyer)) is the Dodger to talk to for your shop’s signage, small and minimal being the preference.  I saw a few items for sale, and the number  increased by the time I returned.

Two other shops I had not seen before are in Fort Stygian, near each other and run by two Savage Gypsies cat Yuhara and Cigi Sahara.

Rather than list items by shop, I have come up with a new chart, a bit simpler, showing high and low prices for a variety of items I have seen since the last Market Report. As always, you can probably bargain or barter with a seller to make a deal.

Item Low High
Sand Hippo Bacon 10 10
Yellow Mold 10 10
Canned Frut 70 75
Mystery Meat 150 150
Bloodmoss 70 80
Dinki Di 140 150
Crowbill 1100 1100
Flayer 1250 1400
Slugthrower 430 500
Iron Scrap 80 100
Medkit 488 500

Finally another Market Report question:

What day of the the week is best for hunting for crates?

A prize of Bloodmoss for the most clever answer I like best!