Fight Night – March 5 2011

Finalists Dassina Andel (2), CCindy Pfeffer (1) (Agustsa Jun (3) absent)

Fight Night took the form of a tournament style game this week.

Matches were as follows:

Round One

Combatants Weapons Map Winner
Maeve Fuzuku Flayer, Ripper pistol
CCindy Pfeffer Crowbill
Brominite Wrath Maeve Fuzuku

Remarks: Bloody fighting early on, with CCindy receiving both poison and healing gas, then a spike; all in short succession. Both fighters ran in to spikes later on, with Maeve switching to a ripper pistol late in the match, wisely attacking her opponent from a distance and finishing her off.

Agustsa Jun Crowbill
Masaka Miliandrovic Flayer
The Gap 2 Agustsa Jun

Remarks: Masaka stepped on a mine early on trying to cross the gap to reach her opponent. The two fought for a short amount of time, dealing each other some heavy bloody damage, however Agustsa ended the match by pushing his opponent in to another mine, taking her out quickly.

Psycho Baroque Nailgun, Vicious Clobbering Stick, Nailgun
Aposiopesis Fullstop Kidney Burster
8ld6 Psycho Baroque

Remarks: Both fighters struggled to avoid the dense assortment of gas, spike, mine and saw traps. Psycho was hit by a shot of poison gas about half-way through, then Aposiopesis attempted a number of Hooper Gambits, losing each time, taking her out of the match.

Kaycen Lament Crowbill
Dassina Andel Flayer
Mousetrap Dassina Andel

Remarks: Kaycen was poisoned early on in the match, but both fighters attacked each other with much speed. Despite the abundance of pit traps, were able to mostly keep above the arena floor and keep fighting. Dassina’s superior accuracy and dexterity won out, however, as she was able to take her opponent down only a few minutes after the match started.

Redemption Round:

CCindy Pfeffer Crowbill
Masaka Miliandrovic Flayer
Minesweeper CCindy Pfeffer

Remarks: Despite running in to a mine about half-way through and potentially at a disadvantage wielding a crowbill against a flayer, CCindy was able to come through in the end, running circles around Masaka with speed and ferocity.

Aposiopesis Fullstop Kidney Burster
Kaycen Lament Crowbill
Prince of Persia Kaycen Lament

Remarks: Both fighters hit spike traps during the match – Kaycen earlier on, then Aposiopesis about three quarters of the way through. Closer to the end, Aposiopesis hit a second spike trap, taking her out of the match.

Kaycen Lament Crowbill
CCindy Pfeffer Crowbill
Balanced War CCindy Pfeffer

Remarks: Kaycen was poisoned early by a gas trap upon emergence from his cell. Continuing to run in to a spike trap on his way over to CCindy’s cell, the ensuing chase did not result favourably for him. While CCindy chose to evade and hide in a pit trap, Kaycen was left with the need to attempt a Hooper Gambit, which resulted in a third dose of poison gas, taking him out completely.

Round 2:

Maeve Fuzuku Nailgun, Flayer
Agustsa Jun Crowbill
Brominite Wrath Agustsa Jun

Remarks: Agustsa hit a gas trap early in a mad dash over towards Maeve’s cell, however Maeve was able to speed away just as quickly. Agustsa was nonetheless able to give chase and push Maeve in to a gas trap, poisoning her. The chase continued for a minute afterward, with a mine trap taking Maeve out abruptly.

Psycho Baroque Vicious Clobbering Stick
Dassina Andel Flayer
The Gap 2 Dassina Andel

Remarks: Fighters took advantage of the relatively open edges, pushing their speed to the maximum and making use of hit and run tactics to try to get the upper hand. Even so, as with most matches on maps with large areas clear of traps, the fight stretched on for an extended period, seeing Dassina chase Psycho around the perimeter of the map several times. Nearer the end, Psycho ran in to a gas trap and was dosed with healing gas. Running with renewed vigor for a short while, he attempted a Hooper Gambit again but failed and expiring shortly afterward.

Final Round:

Dassina Andel Slugthrower, Scavenger Pistol, Rifle
Agustsa Jun Crowbill
CCindy Pfeffer Crowbill
True Random

Remarks: Agustsa hit a spike trap early in the match, while Dassina avoided much movement starting out, electing to attack her opponents from afar with a slugthrower. Ccindy wisely hid away in a nearby pit trap as Agustsa and Dassina tussled in the northwestern corner. Their fight took them closer to the  east side of the arena, with Agustsa making heavy use of gas traps,getting dosed heavily with both poison and healing gas along the way. He was however unable to keep damage from various additional spike and saw traps from taking him out of the match while chasing Dassina.  Shortly afterward, CCindy took the opportunity to emerge from her hiding place and take on the chase. At a health disadvantage, Dassina attempted to level the playing field by running in to multiple gas traps while trying a variety of guns, but ran in to much the same situation that Agustsa had, and was eventually taken out of the game by a spike trap.

(( Fight Night runs every Saturday of the month at The Potato Farm, Hambone Slash, in The Wastelands, 3PM PDT. The above photo and other Wasteland event photos are available here – A.S.))