Fight Night – April 16 2011

Finalists CCindy Pfeffer (3), Dassina Andel (1), KittyKat Borkotron (2)

Fight Night took the form of a tournament style game this week.

Matches were as follows:

Round One

Combatants Weapons Map Winner
Smokey Steamweaver Crowbill
Winter Doune Flayer
The Gap Winter Doune

Remarks: Smokey ran in to two spike traps in quick succession, leading to a very quick match, allowing Winter to move on to the next round.

Dassina Andel Crowbill
Aposiopesis Fullstop Kidney Burster
Mined Your Step Dassina Andel

Remarks: Dassina ran in to a mine early on, but this fast-paced match continued for a few minutes later with no additional traps triggered. Overcoming the disadvantage dealt to her early in the match, Dassina was able to overtake Aposiopesis and move to the next round.

Zeroyel Katsu Machete
Masaka Miliandrovic Facecrusher
RATSAPFOS Zeroyel Katsu

Remarks: A fairly lengthy but close match which ended when Masaka ran in to a saw trap and expired while being pursued by her opponent.

KittyKat Borkotron Slugthrower, Vicious Clobbering Stick
CCindy Pfeffer Rifle, Crowbill
Eye of the Storm CCindy Pfeffer

Remarks: CCindy switched to a crowbill early, attacking KittyKat just outside of her cell. Despite a weapons change from KittyKat as well, fighting remained just outside her cell and she died there a few minutes after the match started. No traps were triggered.

Redemption Round:

Smokey Steamweaver Crowbill
Aposiopesis Fullstop Kidney Burster
Mousetrap Smokey Steamweaver

Remarks: Aposiopesis mistakenly ran in to several gas traps early in the game, gaining her two hits of poison cas. After continuing to fight a while, she began to attempt an increasing number of Hooper Gambits in order to stay in the game. Ultimately, she ran out of luck and was incapacitated by the accumulated poison damage.

Masaka Miliandrovic Crowbill
KittyCat Borkotron Vicious Clobbering Stick
Hurt & Healing KittyKat Borkotron

Remarks: No traps triggered, tight fighting.

KittyCat Borkotron Vicious Clobbering Stick
Smokey Steamweaver Crowbill
Squaredance KittyCat Borkotron

Remarks: No traps sprung, fast paced but long match.

Round 2:

Winter Doune Flayer
Dassina Andel Crowbill
Shark Attack Dassina Andel

Remarks: Winter hit a number of gas traps early on in the match – becoming poisoned twice, but healed once. After some concerted face to face combat, Dassina made use of a medkit during a quiet moment, then continued her chase. Winter attempted several Hooper Gambits at this point, but succumbed to immense poison damage not long afterward.

CCindy Pfeffer Crowbill
Zeroyel Katsu Machete
Mousetrap CCindy Pfeffer

Remarks: Both fighters made use of the gas traps in Hooper Gambits many times with mixed results. In the end, CCindy was able to stem her accumulated poison damage with a couple of medkits, while Zeroyel expired.


Final Round:

Dassina Andel Crowbill
CCindy Pfeffer Crowbill
KittyKat Borkotron Vicious Clobbering Stick
Brominite Wrath

Remarks: CCindy ran in to a mine early on and mostly moved away from combat afterward, leaving KittyKat to face Dassina. After both ran in to seperate sets of spikes, KittyKat turned to attack CCindy, who herself ran in to  a spike. Fighting shifted back to Dassina versus KittyKat for a short while, whereupon Dassina pulled a hunting rifle and put some distance between herself and her opponents. With KittyKat turning back to CCindy, both ran in to several gas traps, each getting healed, but CCindy getting one last dose of poison gas, taking her out. Dassina picked KittyKat off from afar with her rifle shortly afterward.

(( Fight Night runs every Saturday of the month at The Potato Farm, Hambone Slash, in The Wastelands, 3PM PDT. The above photo and other Wasteland event photos are available here – A.S.))