Fight Night – April 9 2011

Finalists Winter Doune (3), Fei Bourdeille (2), Dassina Andel (1)

Fight Night took the form of a tournament style game this week.

Matches were as follows:

Round One

Combatants Weapons Map Winner
Dassina Andel Crowbill
Psycho Baroque Vicious Clobbering Stick
Love is a Battlefield Dassina Andel

Remarks: Fighting occurred mostly along the perimeter of the arena floor. This was a moderately long match, however no traps were sprung.

CCindy Pfeffer Crowbill
Masaka Miliandrovic Crowbill
Inner Circle CCindy Pfeffer

Remarks: Both fighters ran in to trouble early on; CCindy hit a mine, then Masaka was poisoned by a gas trap and ran in to a mine as well. After this point, both fighters took tentative, cautious steps, however one last mine took Masaka out, allowing CCindy to move on.

TheBlackCloud Oh Crowbill
Winter Doune Crowbill
Fogout TheBlackCloud Oh

Remarks: Both fighters were poisoned early but Winter ran in to multiple additional gas traps in an effort to fix her health, while TheBlackCloud bided her time until her opponent expired from heavy poison damage.

Aposiopesis Fullstop Kidney Burster
Fei Bourdeille Crowbill
Initiation Fei Bourdeille

Remarks: None.

Redemption Round:

Psycho Baroque Flayer
Masaka Crowbill
Fort Stygian Psycho Baroque

Remarks: Tight, cautious fighting found Psycho out on top again.

Winter Doune Flayer
Aposiopesis Fullstop Kidney Burster
Minesweeper Winter Doune

Remarks: A long fight – Aposiopesis ran in to one mine late in the match, redeeming Winter and allowing her to move on and fight Psycho in the next match.

Winter Doune Flayer
Psycho Baroque Vicious Clobbering Stick, Nailgun, Vicious Clobbering Stick
Ol’ Legless Winter Doune

Remarks: Minimal traps triggered. Winter fought with renewed vigour. Despite trying numerous melee and ranged weapons, Psycho was unable to take down his opponent and himself was taken out of the game by Winter’s flayer.

Round 2:

Dassina Andel Crowbill, Scavenger Pistol, Slugthrower
TheBlackCloud Oh Vicious Clobbering Stick
Fort Stygian Dassina Andel

Remarks: Minimal traps triggered. Despite starting out with a crowbill, Dassina again successfully utilized her strategy of keeping opponents at bay with ranged weaponry.

CCindy Pfeffer Crowbill
Fei Bourdeille Crowbill
SOS Fei Bourdeille

Remarks: None.


Final Round:

Fei Bourdeille Crowbill
Winter Doune Flayer
Dassina Andel Crowbill
Test Arena

Remarks: Fighters attacked each other equally, switching frequently for the first half of the match, until Winter expired shortly after running in to multiple saw, poison, gas and mine traps. Fei and Dassina continued to carry out their back and forth chase, but Fei eventually expired from weapon-related injuries in a pit, leaving Dassina the winner.

(( Fight Night runs every Saturday of the month at The Potato Farm, Hambone Slash, in The Wastelands, 3PM PDT. The above photo and other Wasteland event photos are available here – A.S.))