Community Meeting: July 3, 2021

Below is a short summary of the latest Community Meeting, followed by its chat logs – which have been gently edited for formatting, to put questions and answers in bold for easy skimming, and to omit greetings and farewells and other such asides.  Meetings are hosted by Estate owner NeoBokrug Elytis at 2:00 pm on the first Saturday of every month at The Potato Farm in The Wastelands, and the discussion is typically divided into three main topics: Estate, Game, and Roleplay & Events.  Everyone is welcome to attend!


➳ Occupancy has held steady since last month, which is surprising since there’s usually a “summer slump.”
➳ There’s a downturn in event participation and concurrency, though – presumably as people are more able to leave the house now, or are busy with other obligations.
➳ Experience-based teleporters have been upgraded: after a TP, Local Chat shows a link to where you teleported from, but if you clicked that link to go back, you’d land directly on the teleporter and teleport again instantly, so you effectively couldn’t follow the link back.  The new version forces a sit that’s offset from the teleporter (and may also help the teleports work more reliably overall.)
➳ The Community Gateway is coming along well, and the Basic Orientation area is getting closer to completion.
➳ Non-WLPW members may occasionally be conscripted to visit the orientation area to give feedback.
➳ Neo and the WLPW creators are working on an immersive ambient sound system for the Estate – which could even play from different sets of sounds depending on the time of day inworld.
➳ Some of the new creations made by the WLPW crew will hopefully be made available to residents this month.

➳ Neo coded a kill counter for Irk’s Buzzard Hunt, which worked well except for a minor formatting error in one line.
➳ Someone reported an Unlimited Medkit glitch – which was promptly fixed.
➳ The new DOT system is still in the works, and Neo is working on a particularly slow and fiddly bit.
➳ The Dune Trapper is still in hibernation while Neo works on some fixes and improvements to the code.
➳ Neo is still waiting for fixes to certain EEP features before more work can be done on the Wild Plants system.
➳ The universal salvage script is still in progress – and will actually be two scripts: one Salvage/Food script and one Salvage/Weapons script.
➳ Standardizing the scripts will also standardize some features, like eating animations on all food and proper raycasting on all weapons.
➳ Saul the Food Trader is still dead.

➳ This year’s Buzzard Hunt has ended!  Candide LeMay takes 1st Place with 144 kills, followed by WastelandDrifter in 2nd place with 55 and Shadow Bright in 3rd Place with 8 kills.
➳ The Rondyvoo, a rustic trading festival, will take place sometime in late August, exact date to be determined. If you’d like to host a sub-event for it, get in touch with Apo!
➳ The final interview on The Mutant Ways, as part of the Faith In Ruins series, was posted to the Press. If you’ve created an original religion for your character, it could be next!  Apo is free to interview someone else about their character’s Ruin’t religion, so please reach out to her if you’re interested.
➳ Reminder: The roleplay character template has been added to the Wiki – add yours today!

Weekly Event Summary:
Sundays: Storytime with Wasteland Drifter – 2pm
Mondays: Mutant Drum Circle – 6pm SLT
Tuesdays: Film Night with Wasteland Drifter – 5pm SLT
Wednesdays: Escape The Miasma! with Soda Foxen – 6pm SLT
Thursdays: Booze & Blather at the bar of The N – 6pm SLT
Saturdays:  Sandling’s Evening Madness – 1pm; Fight Night – 3pm; Apo’s Audio Atrocities – 5pm

First Saturday: Community Meeting – 2pm
Second Saturday: Barrelhead Bazaar – 11am
Third Saturday: Wasted Raiders’ Raid – Noon
Last Saturday: Skull Ball – 2pm

Want to host an event?  Let Neo know the event details by Wednesday night and he’ll add it to the weekly group announcements, Discord announcement, and Plurk feed!

 NeoBokrug Elytis: IT’S… TIME.
Aposiopesis Fullstop: wooo!
ɱʋʈֆƴ Ƙαɭίɠλѡɚ (mutsy.kaligawa): :p
xrrawva: =o
NeoBokrug Elytis: As per the usual we’ll speak of the three main aspects of the estate over the course of the next hour, with time for questions and comments inbetween.
NeoBokrug Elytis: Up first is estate and land itself!
NeoBokrug Elytis: Occupancy has remained the same over the past month, which is kind of surprising when compared to previous Junes. There’s usually a small dip in occupancy right before July where it ticks back up. On the other hand there’s been a much more significant dip in folks participating in events. I suspect it’s due to everyone being vaccinated and going out now. :)
NeoBokrug Elytis: Hopefully we can tamper that Delta wave down, and things stay normal-ish.
NeoBokrug Elytis: One thing no one noticed was that I updated the majority of the experience teleporters on the estate over the past week. Which is good, they function VASTLY differently.
ɱʋʈֆƴ Ƙαɭίɠλѡɚ (mutsy.kaligawa): Oooh
Memory Harker: :)
NeoBokrug Elytis: Prior to the update, a collision would teleport you. Now after the update, a collision sits you, and then quickly teleports you. This change was put into place so if you ever clicked a link in local chat (like for going from region to region teleports), you would land directly on what teleported you.
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Gah.
NeoBokrug Elytis: As you can probably guess this would be an issue with a community gateway, hence the changes.
NeoBokrug Elytis: And it would basically teleport you back from where you were supposed to land.
NeoBokrug Elytis: So the fact that no one noticed, is good. :)
ɱʋʈֆƴ Ƙαɭίɠλѡɚ (mutsy.kaligawa): :D
Mayo von Schrott (myotis.draconia): elco tela
NeoBokrug Elytis: The work on the community gateway continues, some folks are wearing or have rezzed things they’ved worked on.
Candide LeMay: i don’t understand the explanation of the link in the local chat to tp you
NeoBokrug Elytis: So when you TP from one region to another with an experience teleporter, it drops a link into local chat of where you came from.
Candide LeMay: right
NeoBokrug Elytis: If you click it, you’ll land in the teleporter again and be reflected back quicker than you can rez in.
NeoBokrug Elytis: The sit method I use, sit-offsets you so you don’t land on the teleporter.
Candide LeMay: okay
Candide LeMay: i don’t think i ever clicked a link after a tp
NeoBokrug Elytis: Noobs will. :)
ɱʋʈֆƴ Ƙαɭίɠλѡɚ (mutsy.kaligawa): hehehe
NeoBokrug Elytis: And I figure if folks just wandering around the estate not being part of the game, might.
Daya Vyper: its like phising?
NeoBokrug Elytis: No.
NeoBokrug Elytis: The Community Gateway work keeps going forward. One thing that’s been on my wishlist forever was to have an ambient estate sound system. I had a very VERY old one I made forever ago, but it was just for a single region and single “level”. A few WLPW folks are sound folks and they’ll be making sounds for this system. The system is effectively done code-wise. I just need to fill it with sounds at this point. It usused similar logic to crate spawns, but accounts for nearby avatars AND multiple region levels like The Sand Seas.
NeoBokrug Elytis: Odds I will put it in the Sand Seas first, because we can get away with mostly wind sounds there. :)
Candide LeMay: so it won’t use the streaming system?
Irk (shannonwilsonbell): Neat!
NeoBokrug Elytis: No, it’s a PITA for now.
NeoBokrug Elytis: Mutsy has rezzed a bunch iconography the tutorial space will be using, and some graffiti.

Candide LeMay: do we want to scare noobs with fish?
ɱʋʈֆƴ Ƙαɭίɠλѡɚ (mutsy.kaligawa) blushes
Memory Harker: Yay Mutsy!
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Lookin’ awesome, Mutsy! :D
NeoBokrug Elytis: Xrrawva is wearing the tutorial avatar that teaches things to new people. Basically it plays the corresponding animations to keypresses to show what they do. As well as some Graffiti to my right.

Storm Thunders: They’ll be so excited when they see the real feesh!
Memory Harker: Aaaaaaaah, I just wanna *grab* Xrrawva and start doing chalk art with his head!
Memory Harker resists the urge.
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Haha!
Memory Harker: They will, Mutsy! Rax the WL: Celeb!
ɱʋʈֆƴ Ƙαɭίɠλѡɚ (mutsy.kaligawa): bwah! xD
Candide LeMay: but will the fish be excited back at them? i doubt it
NeoBokrug Elytis: I will at times, be asking rando regulars if they want to go through what we have of the OI, just go get feedback as things progress.
NeoBokrug Elytis: I have already abducted a few people. :)
ɱʋʈֆƴ Ƙαɭίɠλѡɚ (mutsy.kaligawa): :o
NeoBokrug Elytis: Otherwise the region remains off limits until it’s open officially.
NeoBokrug Elytis: That’s it for estate and land stuff really.
Memory Harker: :)
NeoBokrug Elytis: Any questions / comments?
Aposiopesis Fullstop: I’m excited for the soundscape stuff. :D
Memory Harker: What Apo said!
ɱʋʈֆƴ Ƙαɭίɠλѡɚ (mutsy.kaligawa): Mnnn!
NeoBokrug Elytis: I want to start getting what WLPW assets I can, into residents hands ASAP. So that will probably be my focus this month.
Candide LeMay: so what will play the sounds? crates?
NeoBokrug Elytis: Haha no Candide, just another system of things I make.
ɱʋʈֆƴ Ƙαɭίɠλѡɚ (mutsy.kaligawa): Musical crates :o
Candide LeMay: the current ones are already boom boxes
NeoBokrug Elytis: HEY! *rimshot*
Memory Harker: SMH
ɱʋʈֆƴ Ƙαɭίɠλѡɚ (mutsy.kaligawa): Good vibes =w=
Rax Stooge: Nice
Storm Thunders laughs
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Haha!
NeoBokrug Elytis: Moving on to Game stuff then…
ɱʋʈֆƴ Ƙαɭίɠλѡɚ (mutsy.kaligawa) makes notes
Memory Harker: :)
NeoBokrug Elytis: Irks buzzard hunt is over! An event he’s been selflessly hosting for a few years now. This year I helped to make a counter system for the kills. It only had one bug we noticed at the very end. One line was formatted wrong and would say something different than your kill count.
NeoBokrug Elytis: But it worked well for the most part!
Memory Harker: YAY!
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Yay, birdmurder!
ɱʋʈֆƴ Ƙαɭίɠλѡɚ (mutsy.kaligawa): :D
Candide LeMay: yeah i’ve only seen one of those. was a nice touch
Irk (shannonwilsonbell): Thanks for putting it together, Neo. It is a great addition
NeoBokrug Elytis: Someone found a HUD bug involving unlimited medkits. I fixed that pretty fast two weeks ago.
xrrawva: ooo
NeoBokrug Elytis: Kind of surprised no one else had noticed.
Memory Harker: Or maybe they DID, and …. *giggle*
Aposiopesis Fullstop: The cross symbol must’ve been secretly a plus symbol all this time.
NeoBokrug Elytis: True memory. :)
NeoBokrug Elytis: Haha it really was in this instance.
Memory Harker: HAHAHA, Apo!
Candide LeMay: is the spider still kaput?
NeoBokrug Elytis: Yes.
ɱʋʈֆƴ Ƙαɭίɠλѡɚ (mutsy.kaligawa): D:
Aposiopesis Fullstop eyes Mutsy’s new backwear suspiciously.
NeoBokrug Elytis: I am still updating the DoT system for the HUD. I am at a particularly difficult part, so all I can do is go agonizingly slow with it.
Memory Harker: Heeee!
ɱʋʈֆƴ Ƙαɭίɠλѡɚ (mutsy.kaligawa): I’m not… eep!
NeoBokrug Elytis: Working on the sound system has made me stare at the game components as well. I didn’t mention it before but the estate sound system is capable of playing different sets of sound libraries for different times of days. Right now it has day, night, twilight, and dawn
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Oooooooh….
Memory Harker: :)
Irk (shannonwilsonbell): Cool!
Memory Harker: *crickets*
NeoBokrug Elytis: Definitely gunna put a witching hour in there.
ɱʋʈֆƴ Ƙαɭίɠλѡɚ (mutsy.kaligawa): :O
NeoBokrug Elytis: Same as night, but maybe 1% chance of spooky sound.
Storm Thunders: moon sensitive?
NeoBokrug Elytis: Heh, moon project is secret for now.
Memory Harker: Spooky sound! “Midnight Dan!”
NeoBokrug Elytis: But yea, doing all this sun direction stuff for sounds has me thinking about the forever backburner plant system
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Plaaaaaants…
Irk (shannonwilsonbell): Yes
NeoBokrug Elytis: I gotta poke RIder Linden at the next server meeting to ask if certain EEP features are fixed yet.
xrrawva: (distant echoy “wastelandeeeeeerrrr” sound)
Memory Harker: XD
ɱʋʈֆƴ Ƙαɭίɠλѡɚ (mutsy.kaligawa): Eep!
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Hahaha!
xrrawva: for the ambience i mean hehe
ɱʋʈֆƴ Ƙαɭίɠλѡɚ (mutsy.kaligawa): I need potato plants!
NeoBokrug Elytis: That system is going to be amazing when done.
NeoBokrug Elytis: It’s been on my todo list for YEARS.
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Plants or ambiance? Or both?
NeoBokrug Elytis: Which is why coding it up took only 2 days. I just already knew how I was going to do it.
NeoBokrug Elytis: Ambiance.
ɱʋʈֆƴ Ƙαɭίɠλѡɚ (mutsy.kaligawa): Love the Earth, sow more plants!
Memory Harker: :)
Memory Harker: Hate the Earth, sew more pants!
Memory Harker: Just sayin’
ɱʋʈֆƴ Ƙαɭίɠλѡɚ (mutsy.kaligawa): >:O
NeoBokrug Elytis: I still had to test things to see if they worked like I wanted ’em to, and they didn’t at all; but in testing I found a solution. :P
xrrawva: let people plant player-eating plants
NeoBokrug Elytis: Botans?
Memory Harker: Oooh, serendipity-doooo!
xrrawva: hmm
ɱʋʈֆƴ Ƙαɭίɠλѡɚ (mutsy.kaligawa): :o
Storm Thunders: The Bad Seed!
Memory Harker: o.O
NeoBokrug Elytis: That’s it for game and scripted stuff. Any questions / comments?
Memory Harker: Watch out for that Onan feller, they told me.
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Are you still working on that universal salvage script thingie, too?
NeoBokrug Elytis: Yes. I did poke at it a little this month.
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Neat!
NeoBokrug Elytis: I have decided to just split it into two scripts Salvage-food, and salvage-weapon
NeoBokrug Elytis: Otherwise it’s a LOT of stuff to cram into one script
ɱʋʈֆƴ Ƙαɭίɠλѡɚ (mutsy.kaligawa): Food!
Aposiopesis Fullstop: That makes sense to me. Weapons probably have a lot more goin’ on in them than any other flavor of salvage.
NeoBokrug Elytis: Yeah, and ironically there’s a ton of different food iterations
Candide LeMay: is there a meaningful test of whether script bytecode is really shared and leads to better performance?
Storm Thunders: WLers like their food
NeoBokrug Elytis: Like the donut with the animations, and the purps and their effect.
ɱʋʈֆƴ Ƙαɭίɠλѡɚ (mutsy.kaligawa): Yus
NeoBokrug Elytis: I can only trust that is the case Candide
Irk (shannonwilsonbell): mmm purps
Memory Harker: I’d like to animate a few donuts into my mouth rn
NeoBokrug Elytis: But right now each type of salvage has it’s own unique bytecode because it’s hard-coded in.
NeoBokrug Elytis: I would rather pre-load data of a universal script, and have shit configure itself.
Aposiopesis Fullstop: If nothing else, it’s probably good to give all that code a review anyway.
NeoBokrug Elytis: Yeah, and as I mentioned before there’s like a half dozen different food effects. It’s just good to update it all at this point.
NeoBokrug Elytis: Put old weapons on actual raycasting instead of the pre-raycasting pseudo crap I did with sensors and bounding boxes.
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Will this also be an opportunity to standardize some of those effects – like the holding animations for foods?
xrrawva: hmm
NeoBokrug Elytis: Yeah
xrrawva: you could make a script that runs “wl script” from the server
xrrawva: then u only need 1
NeoBokrug Elytis: I still avoid external servers. :)
Candide LeMay: which weapons are pre-raycasting?
xrrawva: or notecards
NeoBokrug Elytis: Mostly the non-mesh ones.
xrrawva: but ye weird idea
NeoBokrug Elytis: Wraps are raycasting, but again are super special.
ɱʋʈֆƴ Ƙαɭίɠλѡɚ (mutsy.kaligawa) is now raycasting
ɱʋʈֆƴ Ƙαɭίɠλѡɚ (mutsy.kaligawa): O-o
Aposiopesis Fullstop: !
ɱʋʈֆƴ Ƙαɭίɠλѡɚ (mutsy.kaligawa): Ahh!
Storm Thunders: Wraps… flatbread with tasty innards!
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Is a First Wrap a low-carb version of a Knuckle Sandwich?
ɱʋʈֆƴ Ƙαɭίɠλѡɚ (mutsy.kaligawa): Look out, he has a lazrer!
Aposiopesis Fullstop: *Fist
Memory Harker: HAHAHAHA
Memory Harker: I can’t even.
NeoBokrug Elytis: Any other questions about game stuff?
Storm Thunders: eat this!
Memory Harker: Get that woman a drink, she’s too clever while sober.
ɱʋʈֆƴ Ƙαɭίɠλѡɚ (mutsy.kaligawa): lol
Aposiopesis Fullstop: :V
ɱʋʈֆƴ Ƙαɭίɠλѡɚ (mutsy.kaligawa) fancies a fistwrap now
NeoBokrug Elytis: Before we move on to an open floor for RP and events discussion;
Storm Thunders makes a fist wrap with some tenders and bacon.
Candide LeMay: *tendons
ɱʋʈֆƴ Ƙαɭίɠλѡɚ (mutsy.kaligawa) eats them
NeoBokrug Elytis: I wanted to let you folks know that if you ever want to host anything just let me know. If you want help learning to host a thing, let us know.
Memory Harker: :)
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Hosting things is fun! :D
NeoBokrug Elytis: Also, right now is summer, and folks are out and about — so for those who regularly host things, hang in there. It’s just the ebb and flow of people taking time off SL to enjoy the HORRIBLE DAY STAR.
Candide LeMay: and ticks
NeoBokrug Elytis: Anyway, I will (maybe) be hosting War Zone in Fort Stygian after this.
ɱʋʈֆƴ Ƙαɭίɠλѡɚ (mutsy.kaligawa): All hail the Fire king!
Storm Thunders: and summer storms that knock out their power
NeoBokrug Elytis: So open floor for RP and Events discussion.
Candide LeMay: storm is powerless in the face of storms… *ponders*
Storm Thunders laughs
ɱʋʈֆƴ Ƙαɭίɠλѡɚ (mutsy.kaligawa): by “open floor” I hope you don’t mean literally
Irk (shannonwilsonbell): I just want to thank everyone who participated in the Buzzard Hunt this year. If you’re not on Discord, Shadow Bright came in 3rd with 8 kills, Wasteland Drifter was 2nd with 55 kills, and Candide LaMay won with 144 kills. Way to go, everyone!!
Memory Harker: HAHAHA!
Memory Harker: Eeeek, Mutsy!
ɱʋʈֆƴ Ƙαɭίɠλѡɚ (mutsy.kaligawa): >_<
Storm Thunders: that’s a lot of dead feather dusters!
Memory Harker: Daaaaamn, Candide! You’re racking up wins EVERYWHERE.
Aposiopesis Fullstop: It’s a ways away, but this year’s Rondyvoo is likely to happen in late August! A mostly-in-character trader festival with a salvage auction, usually some live music, storytelling, a varmint hunt, beard contest, and more!
Memory Harker: XD
ɱʋʈֆƴ Ƙαɭίɠλѡɚ (mutsy.kaligawa): oooh
Candide LeMay: you gotta be a chicken to catch the chicken
Aposiopesis Fullstop: If there’s a rustic-type folksy-sort of sub-event you’d like to host for it, let me know, and we’ll see how we can cram it on in!
Memory Harker: You are poultry in motion, Candide!
Storm Thunders groans
Candide LeMay continues to not move
Memory Harker: Haaa!
ɱʋʈֆƴ Ƙαɭίɠλѡɚ (mutsy.kaligawa) licks the candide
Memory Harker: Mmmmmm chicken pops!
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Booze & Blather still goes down every Thursday at 6pm! Always some interesting discussions, no matter how many or few folk pop in.
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Met a neat new Tribal Mutant this week, in fact! :D
Memory Harker: :D
Irk (shannonwilsonbell): ooo
ɱʋʈֆƴ Ƙαɭίɠλѡɚ (mutsy.kaligawa): :O
Candide LeMay: oh? who?
Storm Thunders: yay!
Aposiopesis Fullstop: The character name is Veen.
ɱʋʈֆƴ Ƙαɭίɠλѡɚ (mutsy.kaligawa): More mutants :D
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Also, Barrelhead Bazaar next Saturday!
Aposiopesis Fullstop: I wrapped up the last in-character interview with Ccindy about the Mutant Ways – all five parts can be read on the Press Blog. And if you’ve got a homegrown Ruin’t religion and you want to spread the good weird word, let me know!
Aposiopesis Fullstop: I can also share a notecard with the sorts of things I’m wanting to know about it. Each concept will be different, of course, but I’m trying to make sure each interview series answers the same sorts of questions.
Storm Thunders chuckles evilly.
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Hojeez…
ɱʋʈֆƴ Ƙαɭίɠλѡɚ (mutsy.kaligawa) cackles like a wild hyena
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Man, there’s something on the very tip of my brain; what was it….
Irk (shannonwilsonbell): A pun?
Memory Harker: XD
ɱʋʈֆƴ Ƙαɭίɠλѡɚ (mutsy.kaligawa): a peanut?
Memory Harker: Apun the tip of your brain?
The Digger (sandusky.kayvon): synapse?
Storm Thunders: it’s not Feesh, he got off your head.
Memory Harker: Synapse-iopesis?
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Haha! I think the puns ferment somewhere in the dank underbasement of my brain, not the tip.
Rax Stooge: ehh
Memory Harker: Dank Underbasement! Opening for Cicada Fuckscream! SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY!
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Hahaha!
Storm Thunders laughs
ɱʋʈֆƴ Ƙαɭίɠλѡɚ (mutsy.kaligawa): The answer to the big question, the meaning of life, the universe and everything?
Aposiopesis Fullstop: 42, of course.
Storm Thunders: 42!
Memory Harker: :D
ɱʋʈֆƴ Ƙαɭίɠλѡɚ (mutsy.kaligawa): :p
NeoBokrug Elytis: Wrong.
NeoBokrug Elytis: Cheese.
ɱʋʈֆƴ Ƙαɭίɠλѡɚ (mutsy.kaligawa): Mmmh, cheese
Memory Harker: Mmmmmmmmm …
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Mmmmm… You make a compelling argument.
Memory Harker: Ha!
Storm Thunders: cheese glorious cheese, cheese tasty and wholesome?
Memory Harker: Oh yes MUCH yes
ɱʋʈֆƴ Ƙαɭίɠλѡɚ (mutsy.kaligawa): Neo, give us more cheese!
Memory Harker: Air-puffed parmesan crisps …
ɱʋʈֆƴ Ƙαɭίɠλѡɚ (mutsy.kaligawa): That’s all we want!
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Yeah! Just palette-swap the WL: Cheese Wheel with other mold colors and change BVs around on the slices!
NeoBokrug Elytis gave you this gesture: Cheese Song (Disasteradio)
Memory Harker: Thick bleu cheese cream to dip buffalo wings in …
Aposiopesis Fullstop: UGH. BLASPHEMY.
NeoBokrug Elytis: Apo made it, but… yeah
Irk (shannonwilsonbell): Cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese-cheese cheese.
Irk (shannonwilsonbell): Cheese, cheese cheese cheese cheese.
ɱʋʈֆƴ Ƙαɭίɠλѡɚ (mutsy.kaligawa): Cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese-cheese cheese.
ɱʋʈֆƴ Ƙαɭίɠλѡɚ (mutsy.kaligawa): Cheese, cheese cheese cheese cheese.
Aposiopesis Fullstop: I have yet to try a bleu cheese that doesn’t taste like milk poured through a gym sock.
Storm Thunders: ooooh
Verity Goodnight: Cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese-cheese cheese.
Rax Stooge: Cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese-cheese cheese.
Rax Stooge: Cheese, cheese cheese cheese cheese.
Verity Goodnight: Cheese, cheese cheese cheese cheese.
Storm Thunders: Cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese-cheese cheese.
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese-cheese cheese.
Storm Thunders: Cheese, cheese cheese cheese cheese.
Rax Stooge: Cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese-cheese cheese.
Dexter Bogdanovich: Cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese-cheese cheese.
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Cheese, cheese cheese cheese cheese.
Memory Harker recognizes Apo’s anomalous deficiency of taste. :P
Rax Stooge: Cheese, cheese cheese cheese cheese.
Irk (shannonwilsonbell): Cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese-cheese cheese.
Dexter Bogdanovich: Cheese, cheese cheese cheese cheese.
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Hahaha
ɱʋʈֆƴ Ƙαɭίɠλѡɚ (mutsy.kaligawa): wooo!
Rax Stooge: Cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese-cheese cheese.
Irk (shannonwilsonbell): Cheese, cheese cheese cheese cheese.
NeoBokrug Elytis: Anyway, now that I’ve completely derailed the meeting with cheese, Thank you all for coming!
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese-cheese cheese.
Rax Stooge: Cheese, cheese cheese cheese cheese.
Rax Stooge: Cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese-cheese cheese.
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Cheese, cheese cheese cheese cheese.
Rax Stooge: Cheese, cheese cheese cheese cheese.
Rax Stooge: this is the best thing
ɱʋʈֆƴ Ƙαɭίɠλѡɚ (mutsy.kaligawa): thank you Neo!
Aposiopesis Fullstop: :D
NeoBokrug Elytis: Next week if Barrelhead and Fight Night
xrrawva: this concludes the cheese section of the comunity meeting
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Thanks for hosting, Neo! :D
Irk (shannonwilsonbell): Cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese-cheese cheese.
Irk (shannonwilsonbell): Cheese, cheese cheese cheese cheese.
Memory Harker: XD
Dexter Bogdanovich: gtg. have good fights
The Digger (sandusky.kayvon): hmm i hunger for something…just not sure what….hmph
NeoBokrug Elytis: Gunna go idle in stygian! No expectations for a roster big enough given… summer. But I’ll shoot the shit with foilks for an hour there if you wanna.