Community Meeting: July 1, 2023

Below is a short summary of the latest Community Meeting, followed by its chat logs – which have been gently edited for formatting, to put questions and answers in bold for easy skimming, and to omit greetings and farewells and other such asides.  Meetings are hosted by Estate owner NeoBokrug Elytis at 2:00 pm on the first Saturday of every month at The Potato Farm in The Wastelands, and the discussion is typically divided into three main topics: Estate, Game, and Roleplay & Events.  Everyone is welcome to attend!


➳ The Wastelands has an exhibit at SL20B!
➳ Occupancy has held steady over the past month.
➳ Malady Bog is now half-full!
➳ Progress continues on the Northgate Community Gateway, using Neo’s newest iteration of the pathfinding code.
➳ The next major land project is an overhaul of The Sand Seas: LL has increased the linkset size by 12 meters, allowing for larger parcels and improved dunes.
➳ New land textures with materials are coming soon.
➳ The new inworld Land Store is still in progress: Neo has been busy with other projects and RL needs.


➳  The improved pathfinding code has been applied to Miasmas, though it still needs a few tweaks: several get returned each day.
➳ Dust Devils will get the pathfinding update when the tweaks are done – and will again be able to push avatars around.
➳ Buzzards will also get the new pathfinding, and will also pursue and attack differently.
➳ Neo hopes to commission someone to make The Wastelands a custom animesh Buzzard.
➳ Neo continues to work on a new version of the HUD that will leverage LinkSet Data, use less memory, and allow for further updates.


➳ Candide LeMay won the Joon Buzzard Hunt, with BlackWidow Sinister and Tabitha (Adore1) as runners-up!
Tabitha also won the drawing for a free parcel of land for four weeks.
➳ A new all-day festival is coming on Saturday, July 29: PIZZA DAY.  Also featuring a movie marathon.
Booze & Blather has been ending in more bloodshed than usual lately, typically when certain Ghouls are around…
➳ Oracle readings still take place on the first Sunday of the month, for those who’d scry their futures from their scrap.
➳ There’s still no fixed schedule for Fight Night.
➳ Want to host an event? Unsure how?  Contact Neo or Apo for info on how to organize it!
➳ Reminder: The roleplay character template has been added to the Wiki – add yours today!  Or review it to see who’s who and get some ideas for interactions.

Weekly Event Summary:

(All Times SLT)


– Storytime with Wasteland Drifter – 2pm
– Gomi’s Garbo Cinematic Expulsion – 5pm

First Sunday: [RP] Readings by the Oracle – Noon


– Mutant Drum Circle – 6pm


– Film Night with Wasteland Drifter – 5pm




– Unstructured Playtime w/ Dia – 5pm
– Booze & Blather [RP Event] – 6pm


– Sandling’s Evening Madness – 1pm
– Apo’s Audio Atrocities – 5pm

First Saturday: Community Meeting – 2pm

Second Saturday: Barrelhead Bazaar [RP Event] – 11am

Third Saturday: Wasted Raiders’ Raid – Noon

Occasional Saturdays at Neo’s Discretion:  Saturday Morning Cartoons – 8am, Fight Night – 3pm, Enjoying Other People’s Suffering – 3pm.

Want to host an event?  Let Neo know the event details by Wednesday night and he’ll add it to the weekly group announcements, Discord announcement, and Plurk feed!

If you want to keep in touch with other Wastelanders when you can’t be inworld, our Discord server is now public! The Unbridled Rage greeter bot can give a link.


NeoBokrug Elytis: IT’S… TIME.
Mutsy Kaligawa: \o/
Tabitha Leah (adore1): ☆ ->~*APPLAUSE*~<-☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
Tabitha Leah (adore1): ☆->~*AWSOME*~<-☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
Tabitha Leah (adore1): ☆☆~~>-WoOoOoOoHoOoOoOo-~~<☆☆
NeoBokrug Elytis: As per the usual; we’ll talk about the three main aspects of the estate, with time for questions and comments in between. Those three aspects are estate & land, The game, and Roleplay & events.
NeoBokrug Elytis: Starting with the estate — occupancy has been about the same as last month. Lots of folks moving around.
NeoBokrug Elytis: The swamp is a pretty decent success I think! It appears to be half full.
Mutsy Kaligawa: Better than half empty
The Mutant Witch of the Wastes (ccindy.pfeffer): half full, hald empty .. it has simply to many plots
Ironblood Mechanique: dont make me buy more bogland
NeoBokrug Elytis: We’re still working on Northgate. A bit more this month than previous months. Believe it or not the Miasma code is helping me with Northgate.
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Hahaha
The Mutant Witch of the Wastes (ccindy.pfeffer): do it!
Mutsy Kaligawa: oooh
NeoBokrug Elytis: No one is ever obligated to get land. If your choice is virtual land or food, please choose food. :)
Ironblood Mechanique: hahaha no doubt
Mayo von Schrott (myotis.draconia): or booze
NeoBokrug Elytis: Or booze
Ironblood Mechanique: well in that case
Mutsy Kaligawa: or loo roll
Aposiopesis Fullstop: :D
NeoBokrug Elytis: Booze is just liquid food.. with side effects.
Sandling Honey: I got told to eat dirt so many times though, things become confusing
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Hahahaha!
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Aaaand quoted.
Ironblood Mechanique: tier going back to booze budget sry
NeoBokrug Elytis: Haha
Mutsy Kaligawa: :D
NeoBokrug Elytis: Just record it.
NeoBokrug Elytis: I think the estate has “settled” since the land sale. Most moves seem over.
NeoBokrug Elytis: Related, we’ve still got an exhibit up at SL20B, and it’ll be there until the 11th. We are here:
The Mutant Witch of the Wastes (ccindy.pfeffer): its where the sand is
NeoBokrug Elytis: We get some folks passing through, most are quiet, but others are inquisitive. So you may see some new faces.
The Mutant Witch of the Wastes (ccindy.pfeffer): and someold ones
NeoBokrug Elytis: If you visit the exhibit, please remember the event is G rated. So no fucking swearing.
Drifter (wastelanddrifter): Golly
The Mutant Witch of the Wastes (ccindy.pfeffer): i swear no fucking
NeoBokrug Elytis: Watch it drifter! You’re language is getting out of hand!
Mutsy Kaligawa: non of that either
Drifter (wastelanddrifter) watches it.
Ironblood Mechanique: gee willikers tin man ya dont have to be so hard on ‘im
The Mutant Witch of the Wastes (ccindy.pfeffer) watches the rude fox
Skylar (skylarlogan): AAAAAAH
Mutsy Kaligawa: I’d love to see Rax there :)
NeoBokrug Elytis: The next big estate project is… revamping the sand seas. I am going to take my time on this. I want to keep most of the landmarks there. They may get a makeover. Most importantly I want to change parcel sizes. I had been thinking about this since the start of the year at least.
Rax Stooge: I have returned from the sea.
Ironblood Mechanique: oooh
Mutsy Kaligawa: Did you catch anything?
NeoBokrug Elytis: LL recently made a change to increase the linkset size — which makes my plans OH SO MUCH EASIER. It went from 52 meters to 64 meters.
Ironblood Mechanique: noice
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Oho!
Skylar (skylarlogan): rax is Cthulhu
Mutsy Kaligawa: wayhey!
NeoBokrug Elytis: I know 12 meters doesn’t sound like a lot, but that limitation was … what was limiting parcel sizes to begin with.
Mutsy Kaligawa: er… not quite yet
The Mutant Witch of the Wastes (ccindy.pfeffer): uhhh .. that will safe some prims
Mutsy Kaligawa: He needs some tendrils
Rax Stooge: i saw a sea doggo, a longboi, a skitterryboi, some wrinklesnugs, a pouchbeak, a fast flapper and some longleggos.
NeoBokrug Elytis: The dunes overall may get remade as they “shift” with the winds. I am going to try to prep them for materials, and land materials.
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Hahahaha!
Rax Stooge: so i guess it was successful
Mutsy Kaligawa: oooh nice!
Rax Stooge: oh and a lazyhelper
NeoBokrug Elytis: Speaking of, we’ll have land material textures as soon as they can be made.
Aposiopesis Fullstop: wooo!
Mutsy Kaligawa thinks up some recipes for that lot
NeoBokrug Elytis: They will become part of the heaps, and if I can I will make a prim alignment script, so it matches the estate land.
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Oh, nice!
NeoBokrug Elytis: I think that’s about it for estate news. Any questions?
The Mutant Witch of the Wastes (ccindy.pfeffer): so you all can fill up your holes propperly
Tabitha Leah (adore1): *•.¸ Oh Lord.. now THAT’S a hunk of meat! ツ ¸.•*
Ironblood Mechanique: oh my
Mutsy Kaligawa: will the sand will be shiny?
Aposiopesis Fullstop: The Free Move Program to Malady Bog opens in August, yeah?
Aposiopesis Fullstop: And oh my, Ccindy…. :V
Sandling Honey: I can try and be shiny
NeoBokrug Elytis: They’re going to have triplanar mapping for land textures, so there’ll be no more long stretched textures on steep inclines.
Mutsy Kaligawa: hahaha
The Mutant Witch of the Wastes (ccindy.pfeffer): its your dirty mind. not mine
NeoBokrug Elytis: Apo: yes, the free move program is open to all for the Bog on August 1st.
Mayo von Schrott (myotis.draconia):
NeoBokrug Elytis: We’re going to go for realistic sands and soils. I remember gutter saying he wants stuff touching water to look wet.
The Mutant Witch of the Wastes (ccindy.pfeffer): but it might be to late .. all plots might be taken by then .. but no pressure pls ;-)
Mutsy Kaligawa: oh yes, that’ll be good
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Ooooh…
Mutsy Kaligawa: :D
NeoBokrug Elytis: Moving on to game things then.
The Mutant Witch of the Wastes (ccindy.pfeffer): glassed sand when? ;-)


Aposiopesis Fullstop: Oooh…
Sandling Honey: Thx Mutsy! :D
Mutsy Kaligawa: YW!
Mutsy Kaligawa loves this one
NeoBokrug Elytis: The miasmas have gotten an update; several really over the past month. They are the root mechanism for a lot of critters and rekkers. Once they are dialed in to working well enough that I only get a handful returned each day, then I can move forward.
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Neat!
NeoBokrug Elytis: Also, i can’t remember if it was this month or last month or whateve,r but Musrhooms spawn in Malady for the mushroom quest.
NeoBokrug Elytis: I think that was last month.
Aposiopesis Fullstop: It was.
Mutsy Kaligawa: oh, I wondered why they tasted funny
Mutsy Kaligawa: oh, I’m sure you mentioned it last meeting :)
The Mutant Witch of the Wastes (ccindy.pfeffer): fungi not funny, musty
NeoBokrug Elytis: With this months Buzzard Hunt, I have made a sort of universal update to the counter system, so I don’t need to scramble every year. We’ll talk about the winners at the events section of the meeting; but since the buzzards are game things, they get talked about a little here.
Mutsy Kaligawa: Mushrooms are a fungi, when you get to know them
Tabitha Leah (adore1) laughs all cute and cuddly ã‹¡
XathaX (xathax.noyes): lol
NeoBokrug Elytis: Buzzards are soon to get some… unpleasant updates in how they behave. I have done some minor testing in how they work; they are still fightable, still shootable, but how they attack you will be different. They’re going to have updated patterns of behavior now, where the old fights were super chaotic.
Irk (shannonwilsonbell): hmmm…
Mutsy Kaligawa: O_o
Tabitha Leah (adore1): buzzard evolution!
NeoBokrug Elytis: Just like the rest of the critters are getting updates. The system is a bit more flexible for me to adapt.
Irk (shannonwilsonbell): They are mutating…
Mutsy Kaligawa could never hit the damn things due to their supernatural abilities
The Mutant Witch of the Wastes (ccindy.pfeffer): pack tactics to take revenge on irk
NeoBokrug Elytis: Some day, I’ll comission someone to make a wastelands animesh buzzard.
Irk (shannonwilsonbell): haha
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Do it!
NeoBokrug Elytis: that’s be awesome.
NeoBokrug Elytis: But that day is not today.
Mutsy Kaligawa: DO IT
Aposiopesis Fullstop: But then there’d be even fewer of them, wouldn’t there.
NeoBokrug Elytis: Nah
Mutsy Kaligawa: Don’t steal their eggs :V
NeoBokrug Elytis: I think the current buzzarss are 7LI
NeoBokrug Elytis: And an animesh one made well could be less than 20
Mutsy Kaligawa: a Pet buzzard, that would be nice
Tabitha Leah (adore1): The Rezz Room has some amazing stuff.
NeoBokrug Elytis: All their stuff is no-mod.
NeoBokrug Elytis: So it is all unusable.
Tabitha Leah (adore1): ahhh
Mutsy Kaligawa: :(
NeoBokrug Elytis: That’s about it for game stuff.
NeoBokrug Elytis: Any questions about any of that?
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Has that new pathfinding code been applied to miasmata or dust devils yet?
NeoBokrug Elytis: The miasma yes.
NeoBokrug Elytis: Dust devil is up next once the miasma gets “stable”. They are both just random wanderers.
Candide LeMay: miasmata sounds like a convertible for mutants
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Ahh, okay.
Tabitha Leah (adore1): hehe
Mutsy Kaligawa: sounds like solid miasma :o
Tabitha Leah (adore1): Miasmiata
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Haha!
NeoBokrug Elytis: When the dust devil gets updated, I am also throwing in a new system that’ll still jostle you around when you get near it. It’s SUPPOSED to push you, but due to the old linden lab “energy” system, it runs out of “energy” and pushes don’t work.
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Oooh…
Mutsy Kaligawa: aww
XathaX (xathax.noyes): LL ruins everything
NeoBokrug Elytis: It’s an old system I forgot about. And the dust devils worked for a long time.
NeoBokrug Elytis: They just get tired.
XathaX (xathax.noyes): I say we revolt
XathaX (xathax.noyes): like the french
NeoBokrug Elytis: But it’s hot, and I’m sleepy.
XathaX (xathax.noyes): dern
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Also like the French.
Mutsy Kaligawa giggles
NeoBokrug Elytis: Any other questions?
Drifter (wastelanddrifter): “But I’m le tired.”
Aposiopesis Fullstop: You hinted last week at more quest stuff and more DoT stuff?
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Er, month.
Aposiopesis Fullstop: My brain’s melting.
NeoBokrug Elytis: Yeah, I want to update Aeg a bit as well. I started working on the DoT stuff, and realized I needed to start completely over on the HUD. THe memory issues are there, and even with new optimizations things just got worse some how. If I can cut out the cruft of the old systems, and offload them to Linkset Data, that’ll free up memory (and allow some other updates).
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Oooh.
NeoBokrug Elytis: Before I move on to Role Play and events discussion; I want to pass the Mic to Irk, for he has important news. I’ll follow up with that when he’s done, and then we’ll have an open floor discussion of RP and Events.
Aposiopesis Fullstop: :D
Mutsy Kaligawa: ooooh
Irk (shannonwilsonbell) clears his throat.
Irk (shannonwilsonbell): It’s been a grueling month and buzzard blood has been spilt in buckets, but alas the Joon Buzzard Hunt 2023 is over. There were 11 hunters this year and together they committed 298 total bird murders!
Aposiopesis Fullstop: That’s a lotta birdmurder!
Irk (shannonwilsonbell): Thanks to everyone who killed birds this month, including Aposiopesis Fullstop, Dassina Andel, Winston Chandrayaan, Tristan Kuramoto, xNiTrOxJaSoNx, weedude12, Katt Cogtail and THEBOGFATHER. Your violence is deeply appreciated.
Mutsy Kaligawa: omg wow
Aposiopesis Fullstop: :D
Irk (shannonwilsonbell): This Years Winners are: 1st again this year with 123 kills: Candide LeMay! The battle for 2nd and 3rd was intense… 2nd with 78 kills: BlackWidow Sinister! And 3rd with 74 kills Adore1! The hunt may be over but you can keep killing the buzzards. We sincerely hope you do.
Aposiopesis Fullstop cheers!
Irk (shannonwilsonbell): Thanks you, winners!!
Mutsy Kaligawa: Wooot! Congratz Candide!
Tabitha Leah (adore1): ☆ ->~*APPLAUSE*~<-☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
Tabitha Leah (adore1): ☆->~*AWSOME*~<-☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
Tabitha Leah (adore1): ☆☆~~>-WoOoOoOoHoOoOoOo-~~<☆☆
Ironblood Mechanique: bird on bird crime
Candide LeMay: a winrar is me \o/
Sandling Honey: \o/
NeoBokrug Elytis: Good job murderers! What did those birds ever do to you?
Candide LeMay: well if you want to catch a chicken it helps to be one i guess
XathaX (xathax.noyes): (corpses everywhere breathe a sigh of relief)
Tabitha Leah (adore1) laughs all cute and cuddly ã‹¡
Aposiopesis Fullstop: His record is imPECKable.
NeoBokrug Elytis: That question is NOT for Irk.
Ironblood Mechanique: [LOL]
Irk (shannonwilsonbell): hahah!
Aposiopesis Fullstop: And he is very talonted.
Irk (shannonwilsonbell): Those bastards took my eye!
Mutsy Kaligawa looks forward the her Wasteland Fried Buzzard meal
Tabitha Leah (adore1): Yes!*LOL*
Irk (shannonwilsonbell): Back you you, Neo!
Candide LeMay: thanks irk
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Thanks for organizing that, Irk! :D
NeoBokrug Elytis: This year, I decided to throw my own prize on the pile. Anyone who killed 3 or more buzzards this month was automatically entered into a Land give away. The prize is any available parcel of your choice, with 4 weeks of tier on it.
NeoBokrug Elytis: At 2023-07-01 20:25:45 UTC, I threw all qualifying names into
Aposiopesis Fullstop drumrolls.
NeoBokrug Elytis: Tabitha is the winner. :)
Candide LeMay: yay
Aposiopesis Fullstop: wooo!
Tabitha Leah (adore1): Omg!
Candide LeMay: congrats
Irk (shannonwilsonbell): Oooo….
Mutsy Kaligawa: woooo!
NeoBokrug Elytis: You let me know which parcel you want, and I will get you set up.
Tabitha Leah (adore1): Ty!:-D
Aposiopesis Fullstop cheers!
Mutsy Kaligawa: \o/ congrats! \o/
Irk (shannonwilsonbell): Thanks for adding that to the loot pile, Neo!
The Mutant Witch of the Wastes (ccindy.pfeffer): congratualtions to winers and lucks winners
NeoBokrug Elytis: You’ve got 4 weeks of tier to play with that. If at the end you don’t want it, you can just abandon it.
Tabitha Leah (adore1): Ty!:-)
Mutsy Kaligawa chants… “One of us, one of us!”
NeoBokrug Elytis: Shop around at
Mutsy Kaligawa: xD
Tabitha Leah (adore1): Aww,ty
NeoBokrug Elytis: Now is the time for an open floor discussion about RP and Events!


Candide LeMay: speaking of land, wha happened to the plans for the inworld land store?
Mutsy Kaligawa: look out, he’s going to OPEN THE FLOOR! O_O
NeoBokrug Elytis: Oh, trust me. That’s been nagging at the back of my head a lot this past month.
NeoBokrug Elytis: Mostly because I want to consolidate the heap and other free things.
Mutsy Kaligawa: still on the ‘to do’ list then :)
NeoBokrug Elytis: I just need to sit down for a weekend. IRL this past month for me has been crazy busy.
Aposiopesis Fullstop: A ludicrously casual all-day event, PIZZA DAY, is gonna happen on Saturday, July 29! Order or make a pizza. Eat that pizza. Share a picture of said pizza if you want to, or not. Also featuring a movie marathon with selections from Drifter, Giuseppe, Gomi, Neo, and myself!
Mutsy Kaligawa: :D
Drifter (wastelanddrifter): :D
Ironblood Mechanique: fuck yes pizza day
Drifter (wastelanddrifter): \o?
Drifter (wastelanddrifter): ?
Tabitha Leah (adore1): YaYy!:-D
Drifter (wastelanddrifter): \o/
Drifter (wastelanddrifter): There we go
Mayo von Schrott (myotis.draconia): Pizza Funghi
Tabitha Leah (adore1): mmmmmmushhhhrooms!
Ironblood Mechanique: microdose pizza?
Aposiopesis Fullstop: MUSHROOMS!
Mutsy Kaligawa: O_O
Angharad Greggan: purps pizza
Mutsy Kaligawa: heck yeah!
Ironblood Mechanique: purps pizza hah
NeoBokrug Elytis: Thanks for the tunes Sandling!
Sandling Honey: Most welcome! :D
Mayo von Schrott (myotis.draconia): When I put funghi on my pizza, there is not mushroom for any other toppings
Angharad Greggan: haha
Keichi Hyun: Pizza does sound good right now.
Aposiopesis Fullstop: The Oracle is also scheduled to show up at Lunesta’s MUSE__ tomorrow, for anyone who wants their future foretold through their recently-gathered scrap.
Tabitha Leah (adore1): Awesome!
Sandling Honey: Thanks! :D
The Mutant Witch of the Wastes (ccindy.pfeffer): do the tuna pizza .. trust me
NeoBokrug Elytis: With all those buzzards dead, you guys need a block party BBQ
Sandling Honey: ^
Sandling Honey: Thankees for the tip! =D
Tabitha Leah (adore1): Spiced
Ironblood Mechanique: ooh
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Booze & Blather still goes down every Thursday at 6pm SLT, for anyone who wants some RP action that only SOMETIMES ends in bloodshed…. >_>
Aposiopesis Fullstop: It’s, like, totally probably at least 62% safe!
Ironblood Mechanique: haha
Irk (shannonwilsonbell): I like those odds.
Tabitha Leah (adore1): hehe
NeoBokrug Elytis: If anyone wants to host their own events, and are a bit shy about it. You can ask me or Apo for help. :)
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Indeed! Once you get a few under your belt, you only freak out a little bit! :V
Ironblood Mechanique: events are for cool kids
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Like
Aposiopesis Fullstop:
Ironblood Mechanique: NOPE
Ironblood Mechanique: not me
Aposiopesis Fullstop:
NeoBokrug Elytis: We’ll walk you through it. It’s not as hard as you think it is, and this community — may be the most forgiving community of all when it comes to minor fuck-ups. We regularly fuck shit up and it just works out.
Irk (shannonwilsonbell): Well, don’t worry, things hardly ever fuck up around here.
Ironblood Mechanique: [LOL]
Drifter (wastelanddrifter): It’s true.
NeoBokrug Elytis: Even if you have an idea for an event, and need help fleshing it out in your thinkmeats — I can offer some advice. :)
Ironblood Mechanique: mmmm thinkmeats
Mutsy Kaligawa: mmmh
Aposiopesis Fullstop: People who show up to things sincerely want to enjoy the thing, or are just curious about said thing to learn WHETHER they enjoy it! If things go pear-shaped, they roll with it. :D
Aposiopesis Fullstop: Any consideration of making Fight Night weekly again, Neo, or at least giving it a fixed schedule?
Tabitha Leah (adore1): Improvisation is the greatest art
NeoBokrug Elytis: Unsure. I know for a fact my summer is going to be crazy busy, and I have been working hard to try to give myself some free time so I don’t explode.
Ironblood Mechanique: moar free time
Ironblood Mechanique: less obligations
Ironblood Mechanique: this is the way
Mutsy Kaligawa:
NeoBokrug Elytis: If we could head a bit to the east and start clearning the arena, Sandusky is going to Rez one of his maps for this Fight Night!