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The Chaoseum and Giuseppe’s Games

((Editor’s Note:  This is Part Two of a Three Part series devoted to Giuseppe Spicoli, long-time resident and entertainer of the Wastelands community, in tribute…

Giuseppe Spicoli, Shaman of Sight and Sound

Fragrant pipe smoke and a battered hat.  A crafty smile and a quick wit.  His disarming charm and penchant for entertainment are the tools of…


Wastelands Roleplay Town Hall Meeting

After last night’s Fight Night (results for that and last week’s will be forthcoming), Wastelands roleplayers gathered to discuss the future of their roleplay management. …


Offerings in the Dark Night

Chill wind gnaws at the skin.  Invisible harbinger of slight seasonal change.  It sneaks around us mostly unnoticed among the ruins, the rocks, the sand…

Calling all tipsters!

As part and parcel of our more frequent bulletins, the Press is now actively seeking material for our files in the Library. This information will…