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Gathering of the Tribes: Fight Night – November 27

As part of the Gathering of Tribes event held during this weekend, this week’s fights were rather unconventional, hosted by the Wastelands’ very own mutant…

Words and Wrath: The Fire Crystal and the Tin Man

An offering of the Fire Crystal and the Tin Man speaks!  Wastelanders attacked by a deadly glow of green!   Rust Man on a Rampage?!?  Shaken…

Bits and Scraps [09-22-09]

((Editor’s Note:  Bits and Scraps will be a new semi-regular column written by Sandusky or others to report various RP activities occurring in the Wastelands….

The Writing’s on the Wall

Scrawls and scratchings of shape and color and numbers on the side of an old bunker.  As promised, Ccindy Pfeffer, the mutant witch and caretaker…

Words from the Witch

((Editor’s Note: For a history of activity regarding the Glint of Orange RP Quest, please refer to the following: The Forums Previous “A Glint of…