A Fight Back to the Top

June 6th’s Fight Night played host to CCindy Pfeffer, Ridley Hooper, Robin Varialle, Aposiopesis Fullstop, TheBlackCloud Oh, VoidTraveler Seetan, Ntchwaidumela Nadezda and Mystik Merryman.   This week, eight new map configurations were featured, proving to be a challenge for all fighters involved.

Round One

Filling a requisite eight contestant tournament style match, Ridley and CCindy started things off on the spike, pit and gas ridden ‘Fox Hunt’ map.  Fighting ripper versus knife, blood flew early and while Cindy hit a pit, Ridley began to wage his gambit on the various gassy spots on the map, also switching to a knife mid fight.  The match saw much spike and poison damage as Ridley appeared to be intermittently healed and poisoned multiple times.  Finally, CCindy’s patience won out as Ridley fell after being killed by spikes.

The spike and gas-ridden ‘Spiderweb’ map was featured next, as Aposiopesis and Robin fought it out – startingout knife versus ripper, then Aposiopesis switching to a ripper and Robin to a rifle mid fight.  Gun battle proved to be a wise choice as both combatants managed to avoid the vicious spikes found all over the arena, but eventually Robin won as his shot with a rifle proved to be more accurate.

TheBlackCloud confronted VoidTraveller’s knife with a board with nails, on an old test arena.  Both recieved saw damage, but in the end TheBlackCloud was victorious.

Fight Night, June 6 2009
Ntchwaidumela Nadezda and Mystik Merryman go knife to knife on the 'Eye of the Tiger' map.

The last match of the round pitted newcomer Ntchwaidumela against Mystik, knife to knife.  Playing on the new ‘Eye of the Tiger’ map, both had to deal with lots of pit traps, making for a long but entertaining match.  Ultimately, Ntchwaidumela won out, sending Mystik to Redemption Round, along with Ridley, Aposiopesis and VoidTraveller.

Redemption Matches

On the Julienne Fries map, Hooper fought Fullstop knife to board with nails.  Both ran afoul of spikes and saws, but ultimately it was Ridley who was downed by spikes on this vicious map.

Next, Voidtraveller took on Mystik, pipe versus knife, on the new ‘XN-Irritant’ map, which is full of gas traps.  Both parties gambled considerably on the 50/50 chance of poison versus healing gas, and in the end it became evident that Mystik had gambled too much, eventually falling, leaving Voidtraveller victorious.

To finish off redemption rounds, Aposiopesis fought VoidTraveller, board with nails versus pipe, on ‘The Middle’ arena map – characterized by lots of spikes, gas and mines.  Both recieved much gas and spike damage early on, but an errant mine was the last straw, taking Void out and allowing Aposiopesis to advance to the final round.

Round Two

‘Bad Day’ was the next new map to be featured this week.  On it, CCindy fought Robin knife to rattler, eventually switching to a board with nails.  CCindy recieved poison damage early on from Robin’s rattler, but held on, attempting to use the map’s many gas traps to her advantage while avoiding major spike damage.  Unfortunately, this attempt to heal more often than be poisoned proved to be too much of a gamble for CCindy, as she fell to massive poison damage, allowing Robin to win.

The Foxhunt map made a return appearance for TheBlackCloud’s fight against Ntchwaidumela, dosing both combatants early with poisonous gas.  Despite getting some good hits in with her board with nails however, TheBlackCloud lost to Ntch and his knife, concluding the second round.

Final Round

Aposiopesis, having advanced to the final round, returned to fight Robin and Ntchwaidumela on the new ‘SOS’ map, which features clusters of all manner of trap – namely, many mines and spikes, peppered with saws in the corners and gas here and there.  The three began respectively with board with nails, rifle, and ripper, though Robin switched to rattler in the middle of the fight.  Ntchwaidumela fell early to spikes and poison, and while Aposiopesis and Robin exchanged blows many times, spikes were Robin’s ultimate undoing, as he was struck not once but twice, leading to his downfall. Thus, Aposiopesis Fullstop thus claimed this June 6’s cash prize.

Fight Night, June 6 2009
Aposiopesis Fullstop won Fight Night this week, clawing her way back to the top after initial defeat in round 1
Fight Record, June 6, 2009

These and more photos from this event can be found, as always, at the Post-Apocalyptic Press Flickr Pool.  Fight Nights are typically held every other Saturday at 3PM PDT in Hambone Slash, the Wastelands.

Fight Night, June 6 2009Fight Night, June 6 2009Fight Night, June 6 2009