Tigress digs rock and discovers treasure?

Dassina and her excavation - Photo by Patrice Cournoyer

The hunting tigress, Dassina Andel, has turned a corner of the Junkyard into what looks like a gopher’s dream.  Starting by herself and then aided by fellow Renegades Psycho Baroque, Robin Varriale, and me, as well as my neighbouring Reaver, Gideon Switchblade, her initial digging revealed a block-like concrete structure.

Wastelanders help out
Gideon Switchblade and Robin Varriale assist in the digging - Photo by Diamanda Gustafson

The excavators guessed it might have been some kind of fort, or perhaps a temple or monument… there were not many clues.  The work of digging at the hard rock was long and dangerous.  The stones occasionally shifted, at one time trapping Robin and Gideon. Destini Miles helped out by supplying some lumber to keep the rubble from falling back into the pit. Diamanda Gustafson observed and made some pictures.

Dassina has set up a tent and digs at night, while the others work in the daylight. She is also keeping a book of writings, a log about what she has found so far.

By the time daylight faded for a fifth day, enough rock had been moved to show some indication of what the building may have been in old times.  It has two levels at least, with a ladder of sorts connecting them. The top level is empty but the walls have holes that could have been used for lookouts or sniping.

Patrice strikes
Patrice prepares to strike - Photo by Diamanda Gustafson

The lower level is larger, and has an entrance to the ground. Inside are some squarish green objects, some kind of electrical masheen.. they hum and flicker. Also some kind of game with numbers that can be pressed.. maybe it’s broken as it only says “Access denied”. Gideon claims it is a code and he has broken it… but some think he is bragging, others that he is smart. As well some barrels and crates, but nothing useful or edible in them.

It could have a possible use for the restless Wasteland folk but so far it reveals nothing of value.. but maybe there is more to be learned.