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1000 Days in the Desert (Part 1)

1000 days in the desert from Lili B. on Vimeo. Time’s passage is hard to measure in the Wastelands.  Days bleed into days with little…

Bits and Scraps (11-15-09)

Returning from another of my reclusive trips into the hazy edges of our land, I’ve briefly wandered the Wastelands, searching for signs of change in…

Tigress digs rock and discovers treasure?

The hunting tigress, Dassina Andel, has turned a corner of the Junkyard into what looks like a gopher’s dream.  Starting by herself and then aided…


Offerings in the Dark Night

Chill wind gnaws at the skin.  Invisible harbinger of slight seasonal change.  It sneaks around us mostly unnoticed among the ruins, the rocks, the sand…