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Fight Night – March 5 2011

Fight Night took the form of a tournament style game this week. Matches were as follows: Round One Combatants Weapons Map Winner Maeve Fuzuku Flayer,…


1000 Fights in the Desert (Part 2)

There was a huge turnout to the Potato Farm for this very special Fight Night, one of many events held all day to celebrate the…


1000 Days in the Desert (Part 1)

1000 days in the desert from Lili B. on Vimeo. Time’s passage is hard to measure in the Wastelands.  Days bleed into days with little…

Fight Night – Aug 29, 2009

Psycho Baroque (2), Paytrok Ghost (1) and Dawnevea Destiny, this week’s finalists. Round One: Combattants Weapons Map Winner Dawnevea Destiny Ripper Pistol Dassina Andel Ripper…

Gruelling Arena Battle decides tie between combattants at WarZone, August 1.

Attracting numerous fighters for the first Warzone in two months, two teams were formed, consisting of Paytok Ghost, Psycho Baroque, Gutterblood Spoonhammer and Todd Sage…